The MonoX Protocol Ambassador Programme

from 12 Jul 2021
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🤝 Be the driving force of MonoX Protocol!

Today marks the start of the MonoX Protocol Ambassador programme. We’re excited for your support and excited for you to be part of our family. Find out more below. In the first phase will be accepting applications to join the programme.

MonoX Ambassadors are the driving force of the MonoX Protocol. The public lead initiative is made of DeFi enthusiasts who believe in the future of the MonoX Protocol and want to contribute by playing a key role in our community and ecosystem.

The programme provides an opportunity for the public to work closely with the core team and participate in the growth of MonoX Protocol. As an ambassador, you are required to contribute to monthly efforts to bring together the growth of the protocol. In return, you will earn perks and rewards and gain exclusive access to the core development team and will be invited into our private team discussion channels. You will be able to communicate directly with the core team and get updates on our roadmap and plans before anyone else. Our ambassadors will be uniquely known as 👇


Which was one of the top picks from our Discord competition and means “one of a kind, one and only” from the Ancient Greek language.

🎁 Perks and Rewards

As an ambassador, the more passionate you are, the more recognition you get. Apart from being close with the core team and getting the latest news before anyone else, you will also receive other amazing benefits.

Types of rewards:

  1. Exclusive MonoX NFTs based on your levels
  2. Recieve $MONO / Stablecoin rewards for organizing events or other impactful contributions
  3. Receive exclusive MonoX Swag that we will be delivered right to your doorstep
  4. Get rewarded based on your commitment level with benefits like food deliveries, online vouchers and crypto-related discounts
  5. Voice chats with the core team and ambassadors community, where we take feedback and discuss the future MonoX
  6. Get a chance to become part of the MonoX team as a full time employee

🤩 What We’re Looking For

As ambassadors, you are required to contribute to the MonoX ecosystem, we have a stringent recruitment process. Application is open to all and here are some of the key attributes we are looking out for in our candidates:

  1. Community Advocates with a proven history of educating their audiences on blockchain technologies, DeFi, and other decentralized platforms. Champion the voice of MonoX protocol by sharing knowledge and creating brand affinity. As ambassador, you will also direct people to resources that increase MonoX brand awareness globally.
  2. Enthusiastic community members who have a passion and understand the benefits of the MonoX protocol. Foster and shape MonoX presence in local markets by sharing the benefits of the MonoX protocol with our community that will help drive brand awareness and inspire community engagement.
  3. Avid Tweeters, Redditors, and content creators who can help us with communicating the value proposition of MonoX Protocol to a broader community. Inspire engagement through conversations, articles, campaigns, and events — nurture and grow our community, one user at a time.
  4. Bilingual or multilingual translators who are able to translate our releases and articles to help us reach non-native English speakers. Our native tongue is our true fatherland, help us reach out to your local community and bring them into the MonoX community.
  5. Testers and developers who want to improve the user experience for MonoX and help find bugs as we develop. Experienced QA, product designers or product managers who can help us accelerate our agile development and speed up our product development life cycle.
  6. People who believe in the future of MonoX Protocol and how much of an unprecedented impact we’ll be making with MonoX Protocol for both new projects and innovative tokens.

✨ Your role as an ambassador

The MonoX Ambassador programme is divided into six divisions. Each division is a pillar to support and strengthen the development of the MonoX Protocol. Ambassadors in each division are expected to contribute to their divisions respectively and promote the growth of the MonoX Protocol.

Content and Branding

  • Translations of our content, medium articles and documentation including subtitling for our video content
  • Write blog posts and articles about MonoX Protocol’s tools, and ecosystem
  • Create use user guides and tutorials in different languages
  • Create content such as videos showcasing our swapping platform, and value proposition
  • Design creatives, including graphics, presentations, and memes

Events and Meetups

  • Organise, host, and lead events locally and globally for MonoX Finance
  • Find and relay speaking opportunities to MonoX core team
  • Engage in monthly calls and meetings with the core team and organise get together sessions with the local community
  • Educational seminars to teach your community about the benefits of one liquidity pool and how MonoX Protocol value proposition addresses this
  • Hackathons and other events (Scavenger Hunt, Meme Contents) that can bring together a MonoX community

Social Media and Outreach

  • Promote MonoX on various social media and chat platforms by rebroadcasting our news, announcements and messages
  • Engage with developers to launch their project on MonoX
  • Source for business and other parities for potential partnerships
  • Manage our discord and telegram channels as moderators
  • Respond to community conversations inside and outside of the MonoX social channels, and keep active conversations with others regarding MonoX value propositions
  • Start community conversations and engage with members of the community

Technical Projects and Product

  • Be the eyes and ears of our user community, and identify new key products and features that the MonoX core team should be developing
  • Test platform functionality and identify or report bugs
  • Assist with fixing bugs, contributing code, and building out new features and tools
  • Assist with writing the product documentation

This is by no means a comprehensive list of duties. As an ambassador, your responsibilities extend much beyond those listed above. If you have any unique skills or ideas about how you can contribute, please include them in your application!

🐵 Our Recruitment Process

As previously mentioned, the selection is strict when it comes to MonoX Ambassador. We expect a large number of applications and will assess applications on a rolling basis. As a next stage, we’ll schedule a limited number of interviews.

Selection will take place after our interviews are concluded. The cohort will go through a trial phase during which they will be able to demonstrate their abilities. We shall then officially inaugurate the candidates as ambassadors once they have passed the test period. We’ll start rewarding them for their efforts in promoting and growing the MonoX Protocol!

Feel free to ping the Admins on Discord if you have any questions. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. We’ll contact you if you’ve been chosen! Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications for the program, we may not be able to respond to all. We appreciate your interest and look forward to bringing on some incredible ambassadors!

How to Register

To qualify, first, you must complete the following steps:

✅ Join our 

✅ Complete the 

✅ Like and share the tweet: