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Important Info

MonoX, DeFi's most capital efficient service provider. Deposited tokens are paired with the vUSD stablecoin. It uses one liquidity pool and groups deposited tokens into a virtual pair with the vUSD stablecoin.

What is the fundraising status?

• We have completed Seed round and strategic round is over-subscribed at the moment.

Are you having a public sale?

• We have decided that we will be doing an IDO, but stay tuned for more details to follow.

When will the token be launched?

• We are expected to launch in Q2 2021. Stay tuned!

What is your roadmap like?

• Our design can optimize any DeFi product that uses liquidity pool pairs. This means we have some exciting product we can build e.g. (1) AMM, (2) Borrowing/Lending, and (3) Derivatives.

How does vUSD hold its peg?

• All the assets in the pools express their value in terms of vUSD. The supply of vUSD is fixed at infinity which pegs 1:1 with USD. vUSD is minted by the sell function so vUSD so it is backed by the liquidity.

You can find out more from here:

As an LP Do I need to supply only one token to the pool?

• Yes. As a single token pool, users only need to supply one token to the liquidity pool.

What tokens will you list?

• Monoswap is permissionless, so anyone can create a liquidity pool and launch their token. We will also have Official Pools for popular ERC tokens.