Eden Network Ambassador

ALAMEDA Research
DAO Capital
DeFiance Capital
Vendetta Capital
from 20 Nov 2021 to 31 Dec 2021
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The Young Voice of the forest is has evolved….

Yesterday we announced that every user using Ethereum can now get paid for every trade they make using the Eden RPC.

All users on Ethereum now have the option to trade as they normally would after adding Eden RPC to their wallet. With every Ethereum trade, Eden RPC users get protection and priority resulting in a better execution price on trades. Now stakers are also paid for every trade they make.

Eden Network’s goal is achievable and yet ambitious — to help every single user on Ethereum gain value from their transactions and reduce the tax on DeFi that plagues our entire ecosystem today. The user clicks the button, they make the trade so why should it result in the technically proficient preying on them and exploiting their trades?

To foster innovation and adoption of this ecosystem we must work together to solve it.

The Eden Network Team understand that creating a revolution of MEV value creation like this is not easy… The construction of a new ecosystem is not easy. The long term development and success of the Eden Network is intertwined with wider community support and iteration.

So with great pleasure we are launching the “Council of The Forest” Eden Network ambassador program. The program invites investors, participants and supporters to become members of our new think tank to help the continued and sustainable growth of the Eden Network.

The Council of the Forest Goals and Sample Tasks:

  • Write educational content about MEV for the average users.
  • Help promote healthy engagement and spirit in our communities.
  • Create content that helps explain and showcase the benefits of the Eden Network to users.
  • Create fun and educational content for our community such as emoticons, videos and images.
  • Give constructive feedback on progressing the network and its features.
  • Anything else that helps engage and grow our community.

What Ambassadors Will Receive In Return:

  • Access to a private council discord channel that will help shape Eden Network.
  • Exclusive Eden Network merch (for the part of you that is a hype beast).
  • Generous monthly airdrops to reflect the successes of the group.
  • Bonus monthly rewards to the members making outstanding contributions to the Eden Network community.
  • Unique access to the Eden Network team online and during selected offline events.

Application Process:

In order to apply you must have some free time to contribute to the Eden Network council and its goals. You should also be optimistic about the future of the Eden Network and what it can achieve.

With that in mind — we are looking to engage our existing community and grow the user base that actively engages in MEV and other problems Eden Network solves.

Eden Network welcomes anyone in the Ethereum Ecosystem to apply. You can be the average joe who explains why people should learn about private RPCs, the discord community MVP, chief memelord officer, the council operational wizkid, the MEV community GFX expert or the technically proficient helper. If you think you can add value to our network community and planning we want to hear from you.

Eden Network follows the ethos that quality breeds success. In this first round of applications we will be picking a small group of ambassadors to help shine light into the forest. We will then grow the program based on the thoughts and feedback from the initial ambassadors chosen.

Every application will be looked at and considered — you will hear from us within 4 days of submitting your application.

To get started please fill out the application below:

Click here or the image below to apply.