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ICONFi Ambassador Program

Dear ICONFi users,

Thanks to the great support from ICONFi users and many ICONists around the globe, ICONFi has been making a relentless progress since when we launched the ICONFi app.

Lately we have seen a number of ICONFi fans who have been promoting ICONFi without any reward — so we thought like, there is no reason why we don’t incentivize more users to promote ICONFi.

After an internal discussion, we decided to launch a new program to support those who love ICONFi services — the ICONFi Ambassador Program!

With this program, any ICONFi users who are willing to share some screenshots of the user experiences will be eligible for becoming an ICONFi Ambassador!

Required Actions

  1. Every ICONFi Ambassador will receive $100 worth of ICX every month.
  2. You need to complete the KYC and using a Fixed Savings product.
  3. You are required to share the screenshots of your “Activity > Fixed” screen at least twice a week to show the crypto interests you have been receiving.
  4. When sharing the screenshots, you would be posting the screenshots on both Twitter and Linkedin with a short comment of why you are using the ICONFi. And yes of course, please add hashtags including @ICONFiWorld on Twitter and @ICONFi on Linkedin.
  5. Join the ICONFi Ambassador Telegram group chat and share the links of your postings whenever you post the ICONFi-related content on your Twitter, Linkedin, or other channels to the Telegram Group chat.
  6. You can make additional postings or other promotional content more if you want — the ICONFi team will select the best Ambassador every month who will receive a reward of $300 USDT / 90D Fixed Savings as a reward.
  7. The ICONFi team will assign ICONFi Ambassadors every other month.
  8. ICONFi Ambassadors are free to use their own Referral code.

How to Apply for ICONFi Ambassador

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