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bug bounty
from 06 Aug 2021
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⚙️Testnet Bug Bounty Results

We had over 4,000 submissions over 2 months for our bug bounty programme. While many of these submissions were helpful to the team, unfortunately, there were also many spam and unnecessary submissions. Therefore, the team had to manually filter out the submissions to ensure that legitimate participants are rewarded accordingly.


  • Participants stand a chance to win their share of $20,000 worth of $MONO tokens based on the bugs that they found.

Scoring Methodology

Rewards are weighted by the kind of bugs found by the community, rated from low, medium to high importance, combined with the rareness of the Bug. As such we divided the pool by unique reports first and then by the number of reporters who found the bug. This way we were able to weigh the rewards towards the more obscure and harder-to-find bugs that only some of our community were able to find thanks to their thorough testing of our platform.

Non critical Bugs (UX and UI) — LOW

Smart Contract Related — MEDIUM

Critical (loss of funds) — HIGH

The above scoring methodology has been consistent throughout our programme and can be found at our original article here.

Reward Methodology

Participants will only be rewarded if they have identified bugs or made excellent submissions on possible improvements of our platform. Just by participating or submitting a form without sufficient evidence will not entitle you to the bug bounty rewards.

Each individual submission is grouped into categories according to the error encountered by the participants and these categories are then assigned a weightage as per the scoring methodology.

Participants who went the extra mile to provide critical feedback such as completing a full end-to-end test will be rewarded heavily for their contributions as well.

Reward Distribution

At the end of the bug bounty programme, a total of 776 addresses have been allocated rewards. Below is a spreadsheet where you can check if you have been allocated rewards.

Reward Distribution Timeline

We will distribute tokens to users within the first week of TGE. Our TGE will be in Q3 2021.