from 15 Oct 2021 to 24 Dec 2021
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Dear users! We are thrilled to welcome you into the DeFi realm and the world of high profits. Our team officially starts the Global Ambassador Program and invites you to become a part of our global and diverse community. Create content, share your feedback, spread the word about our project — and get rewarded. In this short article, we’ve outlined the main points that future supporters should note.

About Us


  • Raising awareness on Zunami Protocol and ZUN token globally
  • Building an active large and large Zunami community in social networks
  • Creating and rewarding the Early Adopters Club.

By becoming a Zunami Ambassador, you can contribute to the Zunami’s vision, share it, and assist the project in developing awareness and engagement, thus helping write the next chapter of the Zunami story. In the future, the top Ambassadors who proved themselves worthy supporters will be closely connected with the Zunami team and all other Ambassadors from all around the globe.

Who is our ideal Ambassador? If you have some of the qualities mentioned below — step in!

  • DeFi degen
  • Meme lord
  • Long-term oriented token investor
  • Self-motivated & enthusiastic to help
  • Respectful to other cultures and views
  • Always online (even when you sleep)
  • Educates the world about Zunami
  • Regularly shares Zunami content on all social networks
  • Writes comments, reviews, blogs, makes videos, etc.
  • Translates content to help build international awareness.

Tasks to complete

Here is a list of activities you need to take to be eligible for the rewards. Different actions require different amounts of time and effort and, accordingly, lead to various rewards.

#1) Subscribe to all Zunami social channels (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Youtube, Instagram, Medium, Reddit) — 100 PTS. This action can be performed only once.

#2) Create memes about Zunami and Sharky. The one-time reward for the meme creation will be 100 PTS. Moreover, the Meme contest will be held every week as well. The best memes will receive up to 500 PTS reward.

#3) Invite Referrals (to Discord only) — 10 PTS per person, no more than 1000 PTS.

#4) Write a review/article (no less than 250–300 words) about Zunami Protocol on Medium, then post the link on Reddit — up to 1000 PTS. The maximum reward will be sent to the authors who created the best articles.

#5) Do translations into other languages — 500 PTS. Best translators can become permanent local community leaders.

#6) Open and develop a Zunami community in your country — 500–1500 PTS. The maximum reward depends on the quality of the community and its members.

#7) Tell the world about us on Youtube or TikTok videos — up to 3000 PTS. The maximum reward will be obtained by the video creators with the most engagement.

#8) Support the Community Managers in Telegram & Discord by helping other users & answering questions. Provide community guidance, educate other people about the project, and support newbies — up to 2000 PTS.

#9) Create visual creatives and sticker packs for socials — 300–500 PTS.

Application Process

  1. Start the promo activities.
  2. Apply by filling out this form when any of the tasks have been completed.
  3. Ambassador’s performance will be reviewed every month.
  4. Wait until the end of the Global Ambassador Program to receive your reward.

To track our user’s activity, we are also creating the specific Leaderboard that shows your position in the world of supporters. Motivation has never been so visually encouraging! Please note that the team staff will update the Leaderboard without previous warning. More details about the program will be published later.

The initiative starts on October 15th, 2021, and will run till X-mas December 24th, 2021. Don’t miss out on helping develop our cutting-edge solution and receive motivating prizes — join our cause now!

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