YOLO Bug Bounty

bug bounty
from 09 Jul 2021 to 13 Jul 2021
Event Info

YOLOrekt is running a first-of-its-kind synced dual token issuance. The issuance contracts raise capital for bootstrapping liquidity, which lets contributors buy YOLO tokens on Ethereum and/or Polygon simultaneously with ETH and wrapped ETH, respectively. Our Token Issuance event starts Tuesday, July 13 @ 9am PST and lasts for 72 hours.

A multi-issuance token event employs a relatively novel approach of running a token issuance on multiple blockchain platforms concurrently, which is how users are able to buy tokens on either platform. At the close of the contribution window, coordination logic is invoked to calculate the actual price of a YOLO token based on the contributions across each blockchain platform.

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