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We have worked tirelessly over the last couple of months to deliver the most user friendly and capital efficient future yield tokenization and fixed rate protocol to date. Congrats to the rest of the Tempus team on the successful development and testnet deployment!

TL;DR: Read what Tempus is here, get some Goerli ETH here, test Tempus here, and provide feedback here or on Discord.

Tempus represents a crucial next step in the future yield tokenization space. On Tempus, you can:

  • Buy and sell interest rate protection (fix your future yield!) using any supported Yield Bearing Token (such as stETH, cDai).
  • Earn additional yield as a liquidity provider (on top of yield earned through yield farming protocols) by depositing any supported Yield Bearing Token.

So far, we haven’t seen significant adoption in this space which we attribute to two general issues —

Capital efficiency

Other similar protocols suffer from an issue related to fragmentation of liquidity, since their AMM design involve stablecoins, which cuts the underlying yield in half for liquidity providers.

Our innovative Principal-Yield AMM (built on Balancer v2) dramatically increases capital efficiency — liquidity providers can continue earning the entire underlying yield (such as ETH 2.0 staking yield) and Tempus yield, at the same time.

User experience

We have a clean dashboard that provides a snapshot of all pools deployed on Tempus. Users have the flexibility to deposit and withdraw their tokens from our pools at any time.

We realised that a lot of users are hesitant in visiting multiple frontends — rather, they want an easy experience and get a fixed yield, or to provide liquidity, through the click of a button. This is exactly what we designed.

We also support deposits in the underlying assets (ETH, DAI, USDC, USDT etc.) in addition to the yield bearing assets (stETH, cDAI, aUSDC, yUSDT etc.).

Our main goal with this testnet release is to get feedback from the community, and further test the UI/UX to make sure that everyone can intuitively interact with the protocol.

You can get testnet ETH from the Goerli Authenticated Faucet at https://faucet.goerli.mudit.blog/. You can request up to 37.5 ETH per 9 days. You can access the testnet at testnet.tempus.finance. Please provide feedback in our #testnet channel on Discord or by filling in this form!

We are happy to answer any of your questions in Discord. You can also find our Documentation at https://docs.tempus.finance/ to help answer some potential questions that may come up.


The Dashboard provides a quick glance view of all pools deployed on Tempus. At the moment, we only have two pools deployed via Lido — it’s the easiest one to test publicly since Goerli ETH is readily available.

The Dashboard lists pools by the Backing Token, in this case ETH. It also shows:

  • Protocol, which indicates what’s the source of yield (in this case Lido);
  • Maturity, which indicates the Maturity Date of the pool;
  • Fixed APR, which shows how much you will receive from the date of deposit until the pool’s Maturity on an APR basis;
  • LP APR, which shows the current APR for liquidity providers, which is an aggregate of the underlying yield (in this case Lido staking yield) plus the Tempus LP yield;
  • TVL, which shows the total value of tokens locked within that pool; and
  • Balance, which shows the liquidation value of your position within that pool.

Users can interact with any pool using the “Manage” button in the Dashboard, which opens the Pool View.

Pool View

The Pool View provides a one-stop shop for managing your position within a Tempus pool. It shows your balances within that pool, pool properties, and all possible actions you can take. It has two views, basic and advanced.


The simple interface allows users to enter what token they want to deposit, and in what amount. The estimated APR figures will scale based on your input.

Once deposited, and the user receives a balance, the donut chart showing the current position (as well as the value of that position) appears on the right.


Users can easily withdraw their position from the pool at any time, using the Withdraw function.

Advanced options are also accessible to those who want a more tailored experience without all the the wrapped transactions we implemented in order to simplify our user experience.


We are also proud to announce that our repositories have been made public on Github. Our first audit by Coinspect is currently underway and we will publish the report as soon as it’s released. If you’re a developer, please participate in the upcoming Code4rena audit and get a slice of the $50,000 reward pool!

Please fill in this form or jump into our Discord to provide feedback, or ask any questions. Please take your time to think about changes you would like to see — those who provide valuable feedback will be whitelisted to receive Tempus Sers NFTs.

The launch of our testnet is the very first step in bringing capital-efficient fixed yields to Ethereum, which is one of the last missing pieces in DeFi. Follow our developments over the next few weeks as we make a final push to launch Tempus on Ethereum Mainnet this November!

You can also participate in the Tempus Sers Ambassador Program where you can help us build a community and get whitelisted to claim Tempus Sers NFTs, which will be launching later this month. Join our Discord and follow us on Twitter!

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