Shibaswap liquidity event

liquidity farming
from 08 Jul 2021 to 22 Jul 2021
Event Info
To get Shibaswap off on the right paw, we are having a two week Liquidity Event. During these 14 days, 1000 BONE per block will be minted for allocation pool user returns. After this, the rate will be reduced overtime with a decreasing algorithm. During the Liquidity Event, 1000 BPB will be distributed to allocated farming pools through DIG, Additionally, 50 BPB will be minted and distributed to BURY pools, and 100 BPB will be minted and distributed to Development wallet. You can also bring your liquidity for selected pairs from Uniswap or SushiSwap to receive part of the BONE returns. Bone per block after the Liquidity Event: