Shard Airdrop

from 06 Jun 2021 to 14 Jun 2021
Event Info

How to Participate?

1) Add Shard to your CoinMarketCap watchlist:

2) Follow these Twitter accounts:

3) Join these telegrams:

4) Join this SubReddit:

5) Join Discord: (Optional, but by joining discord you can take part in frequent airdrops and earn further Shard by being active. Make sure to read the #community-levels channel for more details.)

6) Like, Retweet and tag 3 people in the comments on this pinned message on the Infinity Crypto Twitter

7) Visit Infinity Crypto or download the Infinity Wallet for desktop and leave your feedback on telegram or on discord in this #feedback channel

Infinity Crypto - Infinity Wallet -

8) Fill in the airdrop form and leave your BSC address

Bonus: If you are providing more than $250 in liquidity on to any BSC whitelisted pair with the address you used to take part in the giveaway then your airdrop reward will be doubled if you win.

Shard will select the corresponding winners from all users who have completed the tasks for reward distribution, all winners will be sent their rewards within 7 days.

Official Airdrop Article: