Sentinel Ambassador Program

from 16 Jun 2021 to 01 Jul 2021
Event Info
Sentinel is a blockchain-based decentralized marketplace for bandwidth sharing. Sentinel enables anyone to create a Virtual Private Network and have access to the distributed bandwidth resources where users become both providers and consumers in the network. What you will do
  • Content curation
  • Maintain a unique aesthetic for the channel you lead
  • Create and post tweets
  • Study internet consumption patterns for privacy and blockchain-focused users content
  • Conducting activities to engage the community
  • Community expansion through diverse collaborations
  • Create and brainstorm ideas with community members
  • Test our apps on different devices and let us know about any bugs & issues
  • Let us know how can we make it better through design & development
  • Collaborate with tech groups/teams/communities of other colleges
  • Identify tech programs and hackathons and possibly take part
  • Content creation — Blogs, GIFs, Infographics, Videos, FAQs, Social Media posts, Memes
  • Content distribution — guest posts, quora, medium, publications, etc.
  • Outreach — connecting with influencers, partnerships, PR Media, etc.

    Below are some of the tasks you can perform and how much you’ll earn, this is the base amount and will vary depending on the engagement and quality of your work, this list is not exhaustive, there are many more ways to contribute and earn that will be made clear to you in the program. Each task should be related to Sentinel and unique.

    1 $DVPN = $USD 0.014 (rewards will be paid out in $DVPN)

    • Tweets (max 3 in 24 hrs) — 100 $DVPN
    • Meme (max 5 in one week) — 150 $DVPN
    • GIF (max 5 in one week) — 250 $DVPN
    • Short video 1–2 mins (max 3 per week) — 1,500 $DVPN
    • Long video 2+ mins (max 3 per week) — 2,500 $DVPN
    • 400 words blog (max 2 per week) — 2 $DVPN per word