from 29 Sep 2021 to 21 Dec 2021
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  1. Week 1: 29 September - 5 October
  2. Week 2: 6 October - 12 October
  3. Week 3: 13 October - 19 October
  4. Week 4: 20 October - 26 October
  5. Week 5: 27 October - 2 October
  6. Week 6: 3 November - 9 November
  7. Week 7: 10 November 16 November
  8. Week 8: 17 November - 23 November
  9. Week 9: 24 November - 30 November
  10. Week 10: 1 December - 7 December
  11. Week 11: 8 December - 14 December
  12. Week 12: 15 December - 21 December

Allocation of Tokens For Bounty

  • Twitter Campaign: 20%
  • Facebook Campaign: 15%
  • Reddit Campaign: 10%
  • Telegram Campaign: 15%
  • YouTube Campaign: 20%
  • TikTok Campaign: 10%
  •  Airdrop 10%

About Payments

The number of participants for some companies is limited. After all free places run out, registration for new participants will be closed. Hurry up to apply for participation faster than others! Payments to all participants will be performed to their BSC wallet balance every 2 weeks, according to the totals in the spreadsheet. The budget can be reallocated between campaigns in case of a shortage of coins for payments in one of them. The weekly payout for each campaign can be slightly changed, both up and down, in order to maintain a balance in the distribution of coins between campaigns.

General Rules:

  1. All participants should join the official Telegram and discord channels
  2. If you have any questions about the reward campaign, please ask them in Telegram chat.
  3. KYC is not required for the reward campaign.
  4. Please note that any offensive or inappropriate behavior will result in immediate disqualification from the campaign.
  5. Multiple accounts, fraud and spam are not allowed. You will be immediately disqualified from the reward campaign.
  6. The reward campaign manager and the project team reserve the right to change the terms of the campaign at any time.
  7. The submission form for articles and videos will be closed 3 days before the end of the Bounty.
  8. Accounts with negative (red) trust are not allowed to participate in the Bounty.
Fill out the Google form to register for the campaign. Each campaign has its own Google form. You can start completing tasks, provided that you have found your personal info in the spreadsheet (you can see the link to the spreadsheet above).

Weekly Report format:

Date: Telegram username: Link to your profile in the social network: Links to your posts/reposts: You must publish your new report in this thread every week until THURSDAY UTC 20:59. It is forbidden to quote old reports. The reports are checked on FRIDAY.


To take part in Twitter campaign - SafeHamsters League fill the form:     To take part in Facebook campaign - SafeHamsters League fill the form:     To take part in Reddit campaign - SafeHamsters League fill the form:     To take part in Telegram campaign - SafeHamsters League for users: To take part in Telegram campaign - SafeHamsters League for Group/Channel:     To take part in Youtube campaign - SafeHamsters League fill the form:     To take part in TikTok campaign - SafeHamsters League fill the form: