Rizon Public Testnet

from 10 Jun 2021
Event Info

Testnet Overview

Phase 1 of RIZON blockchain’s public testnet ‘Groot’ will commence.

RIZON blockchain is a Tendermint-based hub blockchain for digital currency and asset.

The blockchain offers governance features and function for creating asset-backed type stable token. By using Cosmos SDK, it allows digital assets to be easily formed. In addition, we plan to use IBC feature to connect to the Cosmos ecosystem. By doing so, RIZON will help to take down barriers between businesses and allow on-chain and off-chain businesses to participate in RIZON to grow exponentially and rapidly.

Groot is RIZON’s first testnet ID. The testnet will be proceeded with a focus on securing the stability of functioning such as token swap, performance, network security, custom module, and functions.

Incentivized Testnet & Eco-system fund

We are planning on a large-scale investment for participants of incentivized testnet and ecosystem to expand RIZON’s ecosystem. The reward for testnet participation is 4,200,000 ATOLO coins in total, and the reward will be given to validators and third parties according to the result of the testnet.

Another plan that we have is to operate a year-round grant program and bug bounty program. Through these programs, which will be operated at all times, the teams that participate in the development of RIZON’s ecosystem in different areas, including tool development of explorer, wallet, and such, will be able to apply for a grant and receive it. Hdac Technology is planning on arranging a fund worth a maximum of one million dollars each year to fulfil the plan.