Parami Ambassador Program

from 29 Jun 2021
Event Info
What You Can Get

1. Monthly flexible budget on hands-work (Apply in advance or claim during the work)

2. Inclusion in $AD3 whitelist or reward along with governance rights

3. Access to the Parami eco-system and chance to work with all the partnered projects of Parami

4. Access to all the private Parami work groups and parties

5. Chance to get introduced to all the partners of Parami

6. Fancy outfit from Parami’s wardrobe

What We Need

We need these kinds of Paramillionaires to join our homeland building:

Community Paramillionaire

  • Experienced in running a telegram community of more than 500 members
  • Influential in a telegram community of more than 1,000 members
  • Able to host AMA(Ask Me Anything)
  • Enthusiastic for Web3.0 and Advertising of next generation.
  • Eager to express opinions in the community and deeply faithful in that their opinions will help the members of the entire community

Social Paramillionaire

  • Have a social platform of over 1000 followers. (Twitter/ Facebook/ Linkedin/ Youtube), or
  • Have a media website with more than 10,000 monthly visits and well connected with at least 2–3 media websites that can cooperate.

Coding Paramillionaire

  • Familiar with the development and maintenance of telegram Bots, able to make and tune telegraph Bots with various functions.
  • Familiar with programming languages of smart contracts
  • Able to write and proofread technical essays under blockchain topic
  • Proficient programming skills in blockchain context
  • Proficient in developing using JAVA, mysql, redits, linux, ubuntu, centos in most environments.
  • Familiar with AI, BigData, Polkadot topics

Popular Paramillionaire

  • Able to recommend 3–5 new partners to Parami every month
  • Able to facilitate connections and build successful partnerships between Parami and key opinion leaders

VIP Paramillionaire

  • Good at finding/handling key investors and keep stable relationships.
  • Good at handling user complaints and feedbacks
  • Good at encouraging and inspiring users and other Paramillionaires, so that they can achieve better potential.