Parallel Finance

from 07 Jul 2021 to 07 Oct 2021
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What is Parallel Finance?

Parallel is a money market and staking platform beginning on Polkadot. Parallel’s primary offering is a feature called margin staking, which allows users to stake and lend at the same time, earning dual interests with the same underlying capital. Parallel will be launching on Kusama, Polkadot’s “canary network” first, and KSM is the primary token of that network.

How to participate in testnet?

Go to the general and check pinned message

How can I get the points?

  • Invite your friends
  • Participate in contests content-bounties.
  • Be active on chats and active user
  • Do creative content
  • Propose your ideas
  • Do quote tweet and use hashtags on Twitter and other social media. Check pinned message social-media
  • Participate in testnet and find mistakes!!!
  • Be active in conversations with community
  • Be creative
  • Translate videos in your language
  • Translate articles in your language
  • Write your own articles about Parallel Finance
  • Write or shoot guides
  • Do TikTok videos
  • Do something creative and interesting
  • Propose contest

Where Can I find your channels on social medias?

Check important links channel on Discord.


  • Do creative content and participate in contests
  • Participate in life of community
  • No harmful links and no inappropriate contest
  • Don't spam
  • Don't use inappropriate vocabulary
  • Treat everyone with respect

Ambassador program:

You can consider each one as ambassador, cause team gives points for all creators. Might be a little bit later team will think about role Parallel Finance helper. More info later. ALWAYS look pinned message! If you want to propose something or don't agree with points you can always DM admins. Early participants will get points. WHY DO YOU NEED POINTS? For people that will be at the top or if you help project regularly and active user,we will give rewards. The team didn't decide how many people might get yet.

Parallel Heiko’s Kusama Parachain Auction

Parallel Finance is a decentralized money market protocol that offers lending, staking, and borrowing in the Polkadot ecosystem. Similar to the relationship between Polkadot and its “canary network” Kusama, Heiko Finance is the sister network to Parallel, and the parachain that we hope to launch on the Kusama blockchain. We are building for a decentralized future that empowers the community to increase capital efficiency, security, and accessibility through our leverage staking and auction lending platform. We are excited to announce that Heiko will be participating in batch 2 of the Kusama parachain auctions.

How to Participate

To participate in Heiko’s auction bid, KSM holders will need to lock their KSM for HKO via Parallel’s website or Polkadot.js.

Check out this brief guide on how to use the Polkadot.{js} crowdloan module to contribute to Parallel’s crowdloan.