from 08 Oct 2021 to 20 Oct 2021
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Become a NASDEX Ambassador!

Summoning Nasdexians!

At NASDEX, we believe that our continued success is largely tied to our community’s active participation in our vision to build NASDEX as the biggest tokenized stock exchange. Therefore as a result of this belief, we are inviting members of the NASDEX community to become a part of our ambassador program and position themselves to be a vital part of the growth phase that is coming to NASDEX.

The NASDEX ambassador program is a fantastic opportunity to make a real impact and add your signature to our growth process. The ambassador program is open to anyone who wishes to be addressed as officially as a NASDEX Ambassador and by extension, helps to fulfill a multitude of tasks and roles that will help build our presence, communicate our goals, vision, and objectives in every way possible.

As an ambassador for NASDEX, you will be representing the world’s first decentralize exchange for tokenized asset trading and therefore be a significant part of the drive-in expansion of our product suite and scaling of the NASDEX ecosystem. Therefore above all specific skill sets, we are looking to recruiting people as ambassadors for NASDEX who are passionate about what we are building at NASDEX and will be all out to building traction for it.

You can become an ambassador at NASDEX if you meet the following:

  • Existing Community Leader: You can become an ambassador at NASDEX if you already have an existing user-base or crypto-focused community and the capability to promote NASDEX within your community.
  • Content Creators: If you are a content writer, graphics designer, video creator, or illustrator and you believe you can use these skill set to passionately promote NASDEX, we need you.
  • Online media Influencers: We believe that a vast majority of our target audience is already online, therefore we need online influencers as ambassadors who will put our word about NASDEX to their online followers.
  • Students and Academia: If you are a student researching the blockchain space and will want to be a driving force in your institution promoting NASDEX, we want you.
  • Experts: Speakers, bloggers, and highly experienced people within the technology and crypto industry are welcome to be a part of the NASDEX ambassadorship program.

As an ambassador at NASDEX, you will represent NASDEX and its product offerings, have first-hand access to shaping our strategy.


  • Official title and recognition on NASDEX channels
  • Networking opportunities with NASDEX group members, partners, and other ambassadors.
  • First-hand briefings on official releases and exclusive news.
  • High rewards for work done on a monthly basis in $NSDX or the equivalent of other stable coins.
  • $NSDX team allocation after 3 months.

Taking up a role as an ambassador at NASDEX is an active role and therefore it is required that all ambassadors attend a mandatory onboarding training sessions that will hold at regularly communicated time intervals. It is also expected that the ambassador read as much as possible about NASDEX so as to develop a deep understanding of our product offering.

Building communities for NASDEX is one task that we will love most of our ambassadors to get engaged with: it can be a local meetup group, Telegram community, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn group, a Subreddit, a student group, and more.

More of what is expected will be made available during the onboarding session.

Please complete the form below to apply:

Team will conduct an interview and send you an official invitation.

Nasdexians, we are off to a new NASDEX universe!