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from 01 Oct 2021
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After a successful IDO, Mobius Finance are excited to match everyone's support & proceed to mainnet launch. Join a 1,000,000 MOT stress test competition, test beta and earn.

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Mobius Finance completed a successful IDO on September 24th, where nearly 1 million MOT tokens were sold out in just a few minutes. The results and support of the community were higher than what the team expected and they are grateful for that.   The next priority is to match Mobius Finance community’s expectations and support by putting forward the best user experience and incentives.

Smart Contract Audit Complete

Mobius Finance are delighted to share their first completed smart contract audit report with Mobius Finance`s first security audit partner — Certik.   You can find the official audit report here:

Stress Test Competition

Mobius is expected to launch on Mainnet in late October. In preparation for the official launch, Mobius Finance will host a large-scale “stress test” event!

Summary of the stress test event:

The purpose of the stress test is to analyze the Mobius Finance beta platform (currently on Polygon’s Mumbai) to observe and analyze the conditions of large-scale usage, with different amounts of trading volume and staked value in the current test version. By doing so, you will earn rewards from a pool of 1 million MOT.


Starting from October 1st, 2021 till before the product goes live on Mainnet (launch is expected to be around October 25th)


In order to avoid a large number of bots, specific rules will be announced before the rewards are issued. To determine testing rewards and distribution, Mobius Finance team will focus on the following three types of events:
  1. Mint & Burn (quantity and frequency of minting and burning moUSD — the platform settlement token)
  2. Trade (trading volume of various synthetic assets and the impact of different assets on the overall global debt)
  3. Number of users (active users on the protocol)

Total rewards:

From a pool of 1 million MOT, rewards will be distributed to select users who take part in the stress test and complete all the events listed above.

Distribution rules:

After the Mobius Finance product goes live on mainnet, rewards will be unlocked in four different phases. Phase 1 will release 40% of the total reward pool, while Phase 2–4 will be release 20% of the reward pool per month.

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About Möbius Finance

The Möbius protocol is a decentralized trading platform that can create and trade any synthetic asset, powered by Mobius Finance risk control algorithm. Low fees and high transaction speeds thanks to Polygon.


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