from 01 Oct 2021
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Time: This event is valid for a long time

METARACE® — Horse Racing will be a game experience similar to traditional horse racing games, it will use ERC-721 and ERC-20 standard non-fungible and replaceable tokens to support the economic model. In order to improve the service experience of MetaEace’s global operation, to speed up the process of globalization. MetaRace is now opening ambassador recruitment activities for NFT players in the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, the Middle East, Turkey, Russia, and other countries.

🏇 Registration:

1. Community Ambassador

✅ Responsibilities: • Responsible for MetaRace official telegram or discord community management, initiate topics and participate in discussions in the MetaRace official community; the number of daily community messages is not less than 300+, and the number of online users is not less than 1,000 (depending on specific community development needs, confirmed in stages need); • Translate official MetaRace content into different languages ​​and share to the community; • Planning increase traffic, promotion, AMA and joint external community activities, etc., to provide valuable ideas and suggestions for the development of MetaRace’s global community; • Submit management results and plans to the community every month; • Share the progress, planning, news, and other content of the MetaRace project to social media platforms and communities; • Manage discord communities and multilingual channels with more than 20,000 people; • Follow, repost, like and comment on the content on MetaRace social media

2. Content Ambassador

✅ Responsibilities: • Write and publish positively influential graphics and texts about MetaRace, and original content must be above 75% • Translate official MetaRace articles or related reports into local languages • Make videos, live broadcasts, blogs, pictures, and other related content about MetaRace • Follow, repost, like and comment on the content on MetaRace social media;

3. Promoting Ambassador

✅ Responsibilities: • Represent MetaRace to participate in well-known local online and offline conferences and events, connect with industry cooperation resources, plan, and organize major publicity activities; • Responsible for the connection between MetaRace projects and local well-known online media (industry media, traditional media); • Responsible for the local brand planning, promotion, and management of the project, assisting in registering well-known local media forums, media accounts, and publishing article content; • Responsible for assisting the project in external image publicity, promotion, media reports and editing, translation, and review of manuscripts; • Do video recording and commentary for MetaRace. If you are a horse racing commentator or NFT collector, Gamefi video bloggers can give priority; • Follow, repost, like and comment on the content on MetaRace social media; • Actively publicize MetaRace content on its own social media and communities, and twitter has no less than 20 content per month;

🆙 Requirement: • Have experience in the blockchain industry, have experience in NFT project promotion, passion in games, and have a strong interest in Gamefi and Metaverse. • Background in digital finance is a plus • Good at writing or sharing, able to devote time and energy to this job • Good at external communication and cooperation, with rich market cooperation resources

🎁 Rewards and Benefits: • Get the opportunity to connect with the MetaRace team and participate in official MetaRace rewards • Can apply for MetaRace project Token sales • Will have the opportunity to obtain the MetaRace Global Ambassador Qualification Certificate • Excellent ambassadors will have the opportunity to join the team as full-time employees • Will have the opportunity to get MetaRace NFT for free, becoming the first batch of players in MetaRace • Opportunity to get exclusive gifts from MetaRace’s Official

Notice: 1. MetaRace officially reserves the right of final interpretation of this event 2. The MetaRace team reserves the right to unilaterally adjust the rules of this event, including award settings and selection criteria

Stay tuned to our official channels. We have a lot of exciting news and updates coming through!

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METARACE is a blockchain game based on horse racing. It will use ERC-721 and ERC-20 standard non-fungible and replaceable tokens, respectively. METARACE’s gameplay includes two main components: collection and horse racing.

The collection’s core is to acquire and trade rare virtual items, including horses, jockeys, accessories, and decorations. The game’s collectibles component design simulates traditional scarcity-based collection games or activities, such as card trading or model collection.

METARACE will be a game experience similar to traditional horse racing games. Players will take their collectibles (horses, jockeys, decorations) to participate in the race and get rewards (Play To Earn).

As development progresses, more info will release soon. STAY TUNED!