Event Info

Introducing Ambassador Program


GM to our amazing Maczombie Community!

Objective of the Program

  1. Educate the new joiners about the MCDEX platform
  2. Engage with social media and generate new conversation in the the crypto community
  3. Write posts and design simple graphics and content to help increase interest in MCDEX
  4. Be resourceful and bring insights from a different project that can help to grow MCDEX
  5. Be enthusiastic and love to connect with new people that could increase the brand’s value

How Does the Program Work?

There are 4 different tiers of ambassadors. These tiers are awarded to community members after the completion of certain tasks.

Criteria of Ambassadors

You should be familiar with at least one of the followings:

  • Content Creation: Experience in technical writing, generating the content, an innovative mindset, and willingness to contribute to the growth of MCDEX
  • Creativity — Good user of memes, GIFS, stickers and up to date with current trends on crypto twitter (CT)
  • World-Wide: We want people from all walks of life to join us to promote MCDEX!

We Want You! — How can you join?

  • Register for this program by completing an application form
  • We will reach out to shortlisted ambassadors via Telegram and set up a Ambassador Telegram Group
  • Coordinate marketing activities to expand our outreach — WAGMI!