MaticLaunch Community Airdrop

from 01 Jul 2021 to 15 Jul 2021
Event Info

MaticLaunch is very excited to announce our long-awaited community awareness airdrop event in partnership with Gleam. Discover how you can claim your MTCL tokens from a $10,000 airdrop pool.

We have announced our very promising MTCL tokenomics for a fully decentralized fundraising platform on Polygon. In case you missed the announcement, please give it a read to be familiar with MTCL token utility, distribution and release schedule.

MaticLaunch will be showcasing our minimum viable product before initiating presale and as we are close to MVP launch, we are giving away 100,000 $MTCL tokens to our esteemed community. A total of 758 deserving and lucky will be receiving our MTCL tokens from our exclusive $10,000 airdrop pool.

This community awareness airdrop event will educate crypto native and crypto naive people about MaticLaunch and how it is revolutionizing the traditional fundraising process. On the other hand, the community will be receiving our tokens by doing just a few tasks. In addition to the airdrop, our entire team is gearing up with the launch.

Get ready to win big!

We have tried to optimize the winning reward per individual while accommodating a greater number of individuals from the community. Here is the breakdown our entire 100,000 $MTCL airdrop pool:

✦ Leaderboard: Top 1–3 = 1000 $MTCL per winner

✦ Leaderboard: Top 4–10 = 500 $MTCL per winner

✦ Open Pool: Total 748 spots = 125 $MTCL per winner

Duration: $MTCL airdrop campaign will be functional through 1st July 2021 to 15th July 2021–12:00 PM UTC.

Distribution: Airdrop tokens will be distributed to winners two weeks post DEX listing. How to participate in the airdrop?

MaticLaunch is organizing community awareness airdrop in partnership with Gleam. The more entries you collect, the better your chances to win a spot. Here is the Gleam powered MaticLaunch airdrop interface

In order to qualify, simply do as follows:

1. Follow MaticLaunch on Twitter:

2. Like and retweet the pinned post on MaticLaunch Twitter with the hashtags #MaticLaunch #launchpad #fundraising #polygon $MTCL while tagging 2 friends

3. Join MaticLaunch Telegram community:

4. Join MaticLaunch announcement channel:

5. Visit Maticlaunch website:

6. Follow MaticLaunch Medium blog: and clap articles.

7. Subscribe MaticLaunch on YouTube

8. Enter your Polygon compatible ERC-20 wallet address to receive MTCL tokens

9. Refer your friends and family to increase your winning chances!

NOTE: Our airdrop partner Gleam will notify us about all fake, bot and duplicate entries throughout the campaign. Therefore, be careful to remain in the qualified participants list. Make sure you submit a Polygon compatible ERC-20 address (Metamask, Trust Wallet) during the qualification process otherwise, your tokens may get lost.

MaticLaunch is a decentralized fundraising platform for the next generation of ideas built on Polygon. It offers permissionless investment pool creation functionalities to blockchain entrepreneurs, diverting their skills into core product development while the community will be vetting projects by autopilot governance events, allowing them to move into investment pools.

It reduces rug pools significantly by sustainable liquidity insertion to DEX and locking generated liquidity pool tokens automatically. In the end, we aim to disrupt the traditional fundraising methods involving large scale investors by giving back power to the community.