Lyra Testnet

from 01 Jul 2021
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Lyra Testnet

Lyra is excited to announce that we have deployed to OΞ Kovan and invite you to come and check out our trading dApp. We can’t wait to see you dig into what we’ve built. Explore, trade, and learn more about the power of L2 options to get leverage, hedge your portfolios and earn yield with us on the Lyra protocol. By opening testnet, we are inviting the community to get involved in all aspects of the project and provide valuable feedback which will shape the direction of Lyra. It also allows us to continue to iterate on the dApp and mechanism, ensuring that Lyra is ready for OΞ mainnet.

The contracts have been deployed onto the Optimistic-Kovan testnet. This allows you as a trader, to experience the benefits in usability that L2 provides first hand. Lyra has seeded the initial liquidity into the system. We'll be opening up our LP interface over the coming weeks. Don't worry about bringing your own ETH and tokens to trade with, we've got you covered.

How to access the testnet

1. Go to

2. Connect using Metamask (ensure you are connected to the Optimism Kovan Test Network).

4. Claim your tokens.

5. When you're ready, click start trading and explore!