Learn about Polkastarter to Earn $5 of POLS Tokens

from 14 Jul 2021 to 23 Jul 2021
Event Info

Polkastarter is a platform helping early stage projects bring their ideas to life by distributing tokens among a dedicated and passionate community. It does this by launching pools that have a maximum amount of tokens they can distribute and a cap on the amount each participant can buy.

CoinMarketCap users can learn about Polkastarter (POLS), and then take a short quiz. If a user successfully completes the quiz, they will receive $5 of POLS tokens as reward.

‍Polkastarter "Learn & Earn" Campaign will run from 2021.07.14 to 2021.07.23 (23:59:59 UTC). If you have not taken the lessons yet, please make sure to learn about Polkastarter to complete the quiz!

Polkastarter x CMC Quiz Answer:

1. What is Polkastarter?

A launchpad protocol to kickstart early-stage crypto projects.

2. What type of fundraising occurs on Polkastarter?


3. What does IDO stand for?

Initial Decentralized Offerings

4. What are the benefits of a Polkastarter IDO to the projects that are fundraising? Select all that apply.

All of the above

5. Which of these chains is Polkastarter not live on?


6. What primary role does the POLS token play in a Polkastarter IDO?

Participants must hold POLS to be whitelisted for an IDO.

7. What is the minimum amount of POLS you have to own to be eligible for a Polkastarter IDO whitelist?