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As the explorer of DeFi 2.0, KeplerSwap is a DEX based on the Binance smart chain (BSC) that aims to achieve multi-chain and cross-chain aggregation. The Kepler planet is predicted to be the universe’s next most livable planet. The most liquid medium of exchange is expected to be digital currency. The most effective framework for digital finance will be decentralized finance. KeplerSwap is the most effective DeFi platform. Meanwhile, KeplerSwap is the first DeFi2.0-based decentralized exchange. Apart from having full access to DeFi 1.0 services, KeplerSwap also offers additional services such as the Referral Program, SPACE, and Lucky Pool, which address many of the concerns that DeFi 1.0 failed to address.


To date, KeplerSwap has undertaken 2 (two) rounds of employee recruitment to enable the company meet its goals and live up to its reputation in the DeFi market.

Keplerswap has over 170 global employees in 50 places thanks to the support of crypto enthusiasts. Employee management is much more standardized.

To fully prepare for the public sale and official debut, the KeplerSwap Foundation has chosen to open the third round of global employee recruitment. KeplerSwap was created with the goal of creating a larger global ecosystem and realizing the DAO concept.

If you are eager to work with the project development and support KeplerSwap to progress globally and online, KeplerSwap welcome all hands filled with skills and know-how to collaborate with the existing team into building DeFi2.0, a new financial Ecosystem.

You will be eligible to apply to the Foundation to become a staff member, and consequently become a member of the Foundation, to receive a substantial benefit.

Note :- Time to fill in: Sept. 30th -Oct. 6th 13:00–13:00 (UTC+0)

Below are the categories available,

A. SEO Manager


1-Develop and execute effective SEO strategies to enhance search engine traffic and search engine rankings

2-Work with other teams to execute SEO strategies and SEO implementations

3-Oversee SEO performances, understand the metrics and regularly recommend optimisations strategically to improve better audience targeting, remarketing, conversion funnel building, and lead nurturing

4-Analyze backlinks of users and competitors to identify outdated links, brand positioning, or opportunities for competitive improvement

5-Conduct market research on competitors, analyze current trends and development within industry

6-Analyze content traffic, SEO metrics, and enhance the effectiveness of campaigns and messaging systems to maximize ROI

B. Global Community Council Manager


Manage global ambassadors in your assigned region; Explore more ambassadors from your assigned country and the local market; Deliver official information and updates into your group timely; Report work results weekly.

Notes: Managers are needed mainly from the following countries: Japan, South Korea, Australia, China, UK, France!

If you are interested, please note your country of origin in the form.



1-Upload at least 1video to assigned media account per week;

2-No less than 30 seconds and no longer than 2 min;

3-No repetition of submission.



1-Upload at least 2 articles to assigned media account per week;

2-No less than 300 words; No repeating submission.



1-Connect to a wide range of collaborative resources around the world that can contribute to the project, including but not limited to institutions, technologies, operations, markets, etc.


A hefty SDS award will be given once the cooperation has been agreed upon; the size of the reward will be set by the docking employee in consultation with the KeplerSwap-22 Foundation.

Depending on the section in which you choose to work in the team, you will be rewarded with dollar amounts of SDS Token. On KeplerSwap’s social media platforms, the specific payment for each section and the period allotted for each payment are detailed. The prerequisites for each part are also included, along with payment information. For more information, visit the following pages. You can also like, share, and join the fastest growing DeFi 2.0 project by clicking on the following links.

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To fill out the the form in order to join KeplerSwap-22 Foundation’s Third Round of Employee Recruitment, click on:


A Whitelist is a list of licensed and trusted addresses of humans, computer programs, or bitcoin addresses in the blockchain business. Users can join in the KeplerSwap beta test, which is similar to the Whitelist at KeplerSwap. The KeplerSwap Whitelist has a limit of 200 users, with each country having 3–5 Whitelist users. Those who believe in the KeplerSwap and contribute to the environment are eligible to join the Whitelist. This implies that participation in KeplerSwap token transactions is prioritized for those on the Whitelist.

Because the KeplerSwap ecosystem is based on referrals alone, this Whitelist will be the source of all future KeplerSwap ecosystem links. KeplerSwap will also publish some Whitelist users’ invitation codes in the DApp on a country-by-country basis, giving Whitelist members the opportunity to earn significant additional revenue. The referrer will be able to collect continued benefits for the revenue created by the referee by referring new people to join KeplerSwap using the referral code. The more people that participate, the more money they will earn in the long run.

How to be listed on the KeplerSwap Whitelist:

1-Apply to become a Global Ambassador.

2-Build a KeplerSwap fan based community in your country.

3-Record KeplerSwap-related videos and upload them to Youtube or prove to KeplerSwap team that you are an influential KOL.

4-Proactively inform the KeplerSwap team of your continued efforts.