Kava Swap Testnet

from 28 Jul 2021 to 04 Aug 2021
Event Info

1️⃣ Navigate to kava.io/swap and complete the registration form. 2️⃣ Connect your TrustWallet to the testnet app and begin trading!

  • Two tiers of prizes— can only win in 1 of these 2:
  • Tier 1 — top 1% of participants are entered in random drawing for one of five 10,000 USD prizes
  • Tier 2 — top 5% of participants get entered in random drawing for one of twenty 2,500 USD prizes
  • Payouts will occur the week of September 13th, 2021.

July 28th @ 17:00PST — August 4th @ 17:00PST

Testnet Webapp: https://app.testnet-13000.kava.io/ (coming soon)

Users will need to provide a unique email address and Twitter username.

Winners will be based on a combination of tradings profits and liquidity provider (LP) rewards. Kava Labs will randomly update Reward APYs for liquidity pools and move internal pool prices by placing significant swap orders throughout competition to mimic a variety of market conditions.

  • Users will receive a score for trading profits, the final market USD price of their asset balance (not including $SWP rewards).
  • Users will receive a score for LP rewards, their final claimed $SWP token balance.
  • These two scores will be added to create final scores and rankings.
  • Faucet will supply one-time initial amount of assets for users to obtain and use in the Kava Swap exchange and liquidity pool competition. All users will start with equal amount (exact amounts TBD).
  • $SWP token claims will be distributed to users who provide liquidity to different markets.
  • Any wallet that is supported on mainnet can be used for testnet.
  • Any protocol modules are permitted for use during the competition.
  • Remember to claim any earned $SWP rewards before the end of the contest. A snapshot of claimed rewards will be taken at the end of the contest and unclaimed rewards can not be applied after that time.

1️⃣ Adjust your asset allocation to markets to maximize $SWP claim based on adjusted $SWP rewards (from governance).

2️⃣ Monitor market prices and Kava Swap pool prices. Act fast to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities and exchange tokens at a discount.

3️⃣ Manage your positions carefully, choosing between providing liquidity, swapping tokens, or borrowing tokens using Kava & Hard protocols.