Karura Meme Competition

from 15 Jun 2021 to 29 Jun 2021
Event Info
r/KaruraNetwork - Karura Offering 500 KAR for the Best Memes in Kusama's #KusaMEME Competition - Expect Chaos!
Kusama + Karura Meme Competition

Kusama has launched another edition of #KusaMEME, just as the first-ever Kusama parachain slot auction began. Karura is joining the party and giving away 500 KAR + swag while we're at it.

Join the KusaMEME competition on Gleam for the main competition. Karura is joining along and hosting our own side competition!


  • Join the KusaMEME competition on Gleam.

  • Join r/KaruraNetwork on Reddit.

  • Follow KaruraNetwork on Twitter.

  • Retweet the Karura tweet for this competition.

  • Your Karura meme must include the Karura and Kusama logos. Bonus points if you incorporate any of our products including Liquid KSM, Karura DEX, or kUSD stablecoin.

  • You must tweet the meme including the #yourwildestmemes, #ExpectKarura, and tagging '@KaruraNetwork

  • Please make sure not to include NSFW or illegal content.

  • Be bold, crazy, push the limits

  • Winners will be chosen by any of the following criteria:

    • Humor

    • Design skill

    • Creativity

    • Chaos


      1st: 250 KAR and limited edition Karura swag

      2nd: 125 KAR and limited edition Karura swag

      3rd: 75 KAR and limited edition Karura swag

      4th: Limited edition Karura swag

      5th: Limited edition Karura swag


      Start: June 15th, 2021

      End: All submissions are due at 00:00 PST on June 29, 2021

      Winners will be announced from Karura's Twitter on July 1st, 2021