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We’re excited to share that Futureswap’s V4 public testnet is now live on Arbitrum Rinkeby. The core developers have been working hard building the Futureswap protocol and we can’t wait to see how the testnet is used.

The Futureswap testnet offers:

  • Perpetuals on ETH/USDC with up to 26x leverage
  • A smaller liquidity pool (2m) so that arbitrageurs can easily see their price impact

Futureswap V4’s public testnet allows users time to begin experimenting with the protocol and give feedback. Please note that the price oracle will deviate by ~20% every 15 minutes in order to cause liquidations to stress test bots running.

To use testnet:

  1. Put your address in the #testnet-usdc channel in Discord to receive test USDC and ETH.
  2. Configure MetaMask to use the Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet by going to Chainlist.org and searching Arbitrum Testnet.
  3. Start trading on the testnet!

For more information, check out the documentation.

We are very excited to see how the community uses and builds on top of Futureswap V4. While in testnet please do give us any feedback that you have via the #testnet-feedback channel in Discord.

Start using the testnet now!