from 25 Oct 2021 to 25 Jan 2022
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Currently, DfiStarter are seeking community builders & managers who can build local communities and engage audience.

About DfiStarter

DfiStarter is the first project accelerator built on the Dfinity ecosystem. It empowers projects to quickly and cheaply raise capital and provides them with a tailored set of tools and the technology services they require for their long-term success, setting itself apart from other accelerators in the IDO space. DfiStarter chose Dfinity as its ecosystem due to its unlimited scalability, top-notch performance, and superior governance. These factors provide the perfect environment for smart contracts to run smoothly and to scale, avoiding the common issues found on legacy smart contract blockchains like Ethereum. The DfiStarter Launchpad will offer regular token sales with a two-tiered token lottery system that prohibits unfair tactics from whale investors., full KYC integration, governance voting, and permissionless listing, allowing for a compliant yet permissionless ecosystem. Project-centric tools Beyond the basic IDO Launchpad solution which allows projects on the Dfinity projects to quickly and easily raise capital from the community while providing them with technical support services along with marketing and press release solutions. DfiStarter also provides cross-chain bridges to transfer liquidity among different ecosystems, yield farming tools, and vesting contracts for pre-specified allocations. Technology Support Services will include the issuance of Dfinity tokens and smart contracts with just a few clicks along with staking smart contract support. Additionally, Dfitstarter provides an Oracle Integration which provides projects with all the off-chain data they need to run their DeFi, NFT, or gaming dApps. At the time, our product is in its beta phase and more functions will be gradually updated in the future. These implementations the currently online product is only a beta version, and more functions will be iteratively updated in the future. The specific function implementation will be subject to the final technology. User-centric tools In order to allow for seamless trading of post-IDO projects, Dfistarter provides an integrated AMM (Automated Market Maker) Decentralized Exchange which requires no KYC and allows for full anonymity and financial privacy. As so, investors don’t need to wait for projects to be listed on third-party exchanges and can begin trading their newly acquired assets immediately. Additionally, users can also take advantage of the DfiStarter Loan Platform (DLP), a Money Market Service, which allows traders to borrow or lend funds. Dual token system ($DFI and $DFA) The DfiStarter accelerator provides a dual-token system in which the $DFI token acts as the governance token for the community and project infrastructure. $DFI is also used as a means to earn the second token through staking and can be burned to earn boosters (which will be explained below). $DFA, the second token, provides access to IDO allocation pools. Users need to subscribe to the allocations in $DFA for the IDO projects hosted by DfiStarter. There will be multiple types of Boosters for each IDO project on DfiStarter and can be bought by burning $DFA. The Booster is used for multiplying the subscribed allocation amount.

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