Bunicorn’s Bug Bounty Program Launch

bug bounty
from 21 Jun 2021 to 01 Jul 2021
Event Info
Bunicorn would like to invite the community to assist in identifying issues with our products in order to improve everyone’s overall safety and experience. Our Bug Bounty Program is an experimental and discretionary program that allows us to encourage and reward members of the community for finding and fixing significant bugs in our system.

The Bunicorn bug bounty program will be hosted by Immunefi and Hackenproof, so any issues found can be submitted there. Claims will be filtered by Immunefi/Hackenproof and valid ones investigated by our team.

Immunefi is a bug bounty platform for smart contracts and DeFi projects, where security researchers review code, disclose vulnerabilities, get paid, and make crypto safer.

The HackenProof platform connects its customers with the global hacker community to uncover security issues in their products.

The Bunicorn public repositories are available here and the Immunefi bounty page / Hackenproof bug bounty page can be accessed here.


  • Critical: 20,000–50,000$
  • High: 10,000–20,000$
  • Medium: 2,000–5,000$
  • Low: 2,000$