Biconomy Meme Contest

to 10 Jun 2021
Event Info
So we’ve decided to host a meme competition! We want to see the best memes you can create about Biconomy and how it's a game changer in Web3.0 ecosystem. Here are some key ideas, painpoints or benefits that can inspire your memes!
  • Dapps are complicated to use — Biconomy ensures a simplified web3.0 experience. We handle all the blockchain complexities on your behalf!
  • High gas fees — Biconomy helps make it gasless!
  • Failed transactions cost money & wastes ETH — Biconomy ensures no transaction fails!
  • Save your ETH — Biconomy Forward enables gas payment in stablecoins or ERC20 tokens, so you can save your ETH investments!
  • Instantly move between Ethereum to Layer 2 — Current bridge solutions are expensive & take ages. Biconomy Hyphen enables the most convenient way to do fast cross-chain transactions.
  • Biconomy has 30+ Dapp partners & processes 1.5 million transactions
  • Biconomy is multi-chain — Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, xDai, Arbitrum, Polkadot etc.
These are just some of the things we do to make web3.0 as simple & intutive as the current internet. Check out more resources to make better memes & improve your chances of winning:


Get a chance to earn $1000 USDT 🔥 🥇 1st price: $1000 in $USDT 🥈 2nd price: $500 in $USDT 🥉 3rd price: $300 in $USDT Rules The rules are simple:
  1. Make a high-quality, original and creative GIF and/or image about Biconomy.
  2. Include our logo or/and mention Biconomy. [Find all relevant logo assets here]
  3. Share your meme on Twitter & our Discord’s meme channel.
  4. Don’t forget to tag @biconomy on your tweet with hashtag #Biconomy #CryptoMemes
📆 The submission deadline is: Thursday 10/06/21 at 23:59 UTC 🔥 🏆 Winners will decided based on community votes on our Discord, likes on your tweet & scores given by our team.