from 01 Oct 2021
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At Biconomy, we are on a mission to simplify web3.0 for the masses! But we can’t do it alone. We need the full force of the Biconauts army!
There are various ways you can be a part of this movement! We have programs for growth hackers, developers, content creators, influencers, early adopters, community builders, & educators. We cannot possibly transform the future of web3.0 alone, we need EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU to join this revolution!

How can you contribute?

Anyone can become a BicoDAO contributor, but we expect sincere efforts. We want contributors who deeply share our belief that Web 3.0 is complicated and are committed to our mission of simplifying it. We need members who understand what we do, and want to be a part of this revolution. We want Biconauts who can take initiative, suggest bold new ideas, and become an integral part of our community. The more impact your work brings to the community, the higher will be your involvement in changing the future of the internet. So are you in, fellow Biconaut? ‍Do you think you have what it takes?! Then choose your role and join us!

Community Diplomats

You will travel far and wide in the metaverse to spread the $BICO revolution to the masses.
  • Help us grow our Discord & Telegram communities
  • Manage regional Biconaut communities
  • Organize AMAs, events & meetups

Wolves of Partnerships

You will help us bring the Biconomy experience to new Dapps & partners.
  • Advocate the benefits of Biconomy to other dapps
  • Refer us to potential integrations
  • Connect us to core devs of web3 projects

Content Wizards

You will create insightful, creative, informative, wacky, 
& crazy content that gets the people going!
  • Write articles & guides on Biconomy & our products
  • Create memes, gifs & videos on the problems we solve
  • Create educational content & tutorials on how to integrate Biconomy

Shadowy supercoders

You will build on Biconomy to showcase new use cases and demonstrate how simple web3.0 should be
  • Participate in our hackathons & grant programs
  • Take part in bug bounty programs

Benefits of becoming a Biconaut ambassador

$BICO Rewards
Exclusive NFTs & badges
Cool Biconomy merch & swag
Access to mentorship & growth opportunities
Being a part of something revolutionary

Next Steps

Join our Discord & head to #role-selection in BicoDAO
Read about the various roles & their unique tasks
Join the respective channels for your role & introduce yourself!
Fill the application form. If you are accepted, someone will get in touch to onboard you
As you complete more & more tasks, you will level up from a Rookie Biconaut (rank #3) to a Master Biconaut (rank #2) & finally just the few worthy will become Legendary Biconauts (rank #1)! Let's begin!
Become An Ambassador