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Angle is live on the Ethereum Rinkeby Network!


After months of heavy research and building, Angle is now released on the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet!

Starting today, everyone can test the app developed by the Core Team and play with the protocol to see what it’s all about!

We are opening testnet with the full set of features. You’ll be able to:

  • Mint & burn stablecoins (agTokens).
  • Open leverage long positions on the available collateral/stablecoin pairs.
  • Deposit funds in Angle pools in return for yield-earning LP tokens (sanTokens).
  • Staking agTokens and sanTokens on the protocol staking contract to earn ANGLE governance tokens (no need to ape in, testnet tokens only).

We wrote some user guides to help people new to the ecosystem. The list of the smart contracts addresses and interfaces can be found here.

The following collateral types are supported by the protocol:

  • USDC
  • DAI
  • wETH
  • wBTC

If you are having trouble getting these tokens, you can ask us for some on Discord!

The following agTokens are available to mint and burn:

  • agEUR
  • agUSD
  • agCHF
  • agGBP
  • agJPY

The launch on mainnet is planned in October with a stable Euro (agEUR) backed by USDC and DAI. All the supported agTokens and collaterals will then be rolled out gradually, as we want to make sure the protocol remains stable during launch.

Remember that this is a test period, so please join our Angle Community Discord server to share your feedback or any bugs you find. The protocol’s smart contracts are currently being audited by Sigma Prime and Chainsecurity.

You can read more about Angle in our docs and our Medium blog.