bug bounty
from 10 Oct 2021
Event Info

ALEX will be launching Phase 1 of our “Bounty Test” at 00:00 UTC (8pm EST) Oct 10.

Go to in your Chrome browser to start your Testnet journey.

A total of 1,000,000 ALEX Testnet tokens will be distributed during the “Bounty Test” plus:

Event 1:“Proof of Work”

Total Distributions: 1,000,000 ALEX Testnet tokens

How do you prove your work? Please follow below instructions.

All users who prove their work by completing the above on the Testnet will be eligible for the distributions, until all the ALEX Testnet tokens have been fully distributed.

Event 2: “Bug Bounty”

Distributions: 100–10,000 ALEX Testnet tokens per Bug

How to report Bug and receive Bounty?


Stay tuned for more future events from ALEX!

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And please follow us on Twitter @alexgobtc: