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Important Info

zkSync 2.0: Timeline

  • Documentation: will be made publicly available together with the testnet.
  • Mainnet: targeting August 2021.

Will zkSync have a native token?


#When? How can I get the token?

We intend to distribute the majority of the network government rights to our community. Please follow our news to get all the important updates.

#How will it work?

The token will be used for zkSync governance. In addition, when zkSync becomes fully decentralized, the token will be used for staking in order to become a validator in the zkSync network. More details to come.

Matter Labs is honored to announce a Series A round for zkSync from some of the most reputable projects in the blockchain space.

This round is led by Union Square Ventures, an early investor in Twitter, Cloudflare, Firebase, Twilio, MongoDB, and Coinbase. It also includes our existing investors — Placeholder, 1kx, and Dragonfly — who have provided us with incredible support over the last two years.