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The Zenotta story began with the realisation of ’The Data Problem’, the fundamental mismatch between a world rapidly becoming digitized and the inability of data to hold any formal value in an economic, social, or legal sense. With this insight, it was clear that digital systems needed to be re-invented in a way that gave every individual full control over their data. It emerged as an inevitable consequence that imbuing data with identity and rights on a machine level was necessary for a truly digital world.

Zenotta AG is based in Zug, Switzerland, at the forefront of blockchain and data innovation. Comprised of a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists, Zenotta builds on the shoulders of giants in the worlds of philosophy and science in order to create an entirely new approach to the digital Universe. Developing the technical aspects of our system alongside a dedicated body of law for digital systems governance and execution, Zenotta seeks to redefine the way in which we use data in an inter-connected world.