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Important Info
waterslide is a Frontend for the Liquity protocol running on DFINITY's Internet Computer. The synergies between both networks allow for completely decentralized DApps for DeFi. If you're interested in how to earn rewards using Liquity, dig deeper down below  ⬇️
Try it here (note: you need MetaMask installed) and don't be scared by the long URL you will be redirected to, this will go away soon! Main benefits
  • 💻  Hosted on DFINITY's Internet Computer
  • 💸  99% kickback rate – Users depositing through our Frontend receive a 99% kickback rate as an incentive for early adoption. This means that 99% of the LQTY rewards from stability pool deposits through our Frontend go straight into your pocket! As we build out our Frontend and add new functionality, the kickback rate will decrease over time – so better be quick!
  • 🧑‍🎨 Custom Frontend skin and additional features – Our designers are currently revamping the entire Frontend to provide you with an even better experience when using our service in the future. Until we are done, please use our current Frontend! make sure to come back from time to time to see us evolve and check out new cool features.