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t3rn is a protocol for interoperable code execution between multiple blockchains, which makes it safe and simple. t3rn consists out of framework & tools to write interoperable code (both as contracts and runtime logic), the execution platform of that code and reusable packages registry - blocks of interoperable logic maintained by decentralised network. t3rn facilitates building interoperable solutions in Rust, providing an easy way of writing new Interoperable Contracts or Modules for Runtime, by re-using binaries which are shared and collaboratively added by all of the participants of the decentralised network. The protocol works well with Parachains regardless of whether they support smart contracts or not. t3rn emphasizes the existent decentralised-solutions interoperability and allows multiple blockchains to collaborate. By re-using the whole decentralised application blocks, fosters building the decentralised solutions with the freedom to operate on multiple chains.