Star Atlas

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1022 Days and 1 hours ago
Important Info
Star Atlas is a metaverse introducing a unique gaming experience by harnessing the power of traditional core game and blockchain mechanics. Star Atlas is a massively-multiplayer online metaverse. In the distant future, three galactic factions have emerged, in an ongoing struggle for resources, territorial conquest, and political domination. Players can join a faction, directly influence the course of the metaverse, and earn real-world income for their contributions. Star Atlas IEO

In order to bid during the IEO, make sure you read the rules below and do the following beforehand:

  • Register your FTX account and submit submit KYC level 2. Due to a large inflow of new sign ups, it’s not guaranteed that your KYC will be approved before the IEO. Please be advised to submit KYC as soon as possible and get approved to be eligible for the IEO.
  • Note that you must have at least 150 FTT staked on FTX to participate in the IEO, and that you get more tickets if you stake more.
  • Set an alarm in advance: the IEO starts at 26.08.2021, 16:00:00
  • Prepare funds to bid: at least 400 USD(T), and at most 500 USD(T) and 5 FTT per ticket
  • Stake FTT to lock in your ticket allotment 24 hours before the IEO