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Important Info
Sarcophagus is a decentralized dead man's switch built on Ethereum and Arweave. Overview This repository contains the smart contracts necessary for the creation, distribution, and vesting of SARCO, the token that powers Sarcophagus. SARCO tokens will be distributed amongst the Sarcophagus DAO, the Builders of Sarcophagus, and to support the bond incentive, grant, and liquidity mining programs. token distribution Distribution Breakdown:
Entity Holdings Vesting in months
DAO 60M 0
Builders 20M 24
Bond Incentive 15M 12
Embalmer Grants 2M 0
Archaelogist Grants 2M 0
Liquidity Mining 1M 12
Vesting Schedule The vesting schedule for the builders tokens is linear, per second, for two years, and applies equally to all builders. No VC or other exceptions. vesting schedule Both the bond incentive and liquidity mining allocations are vested over the course of one year as a virtue of the structure of their respective contracts, separate from the builder vesting contract.