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Realy Introduction

Realy, The New-Age Luxury on-chain. REALY makes you the snobbiest in the Blockchain world. The concept of “New-Age Luxury” was put forward by the fashion media Highsnobiety, which defines new-age luxury as, “luxury isn’t just about what you wear, but also what you know. Creativity and commerce have merged with like-minded communities around the globe.” New-Age Luxury refers to street cultural products such as street fashion brands and artworks, and even luxury brands such as LV, Gucci, Prada, have all turned to or cross-border joint names to enter the street culture industry. We are REALY. We have extensive experience in the street culture industry. We have also spent over 2 years in the blockchain industry to explore the combination of blockchain and street culture. Now, we have formed a set of effective business models, on the one hand, we will put real-world assets on-chain; on the other hand, we will promote cryptocurrencies among a wider youth market. We will implant an NFC chip in all the fashion items which will grant them a globally unique ID, and then make the NFC into an equally unique NFT, and finally use smart contracts for NFT transactions. 1. Our exclusive encryption algorithm for the NFC chip ensures that the chip cannot be copied. 2. We officially cooperate with the brand to implant the chip in the production process. 3. We strictly custody the physical assets corresponding to the NFT. On this basis, these new luxury fashion items can benefit from the liquidity of NFT and cryptocurrency to greatly expand their global circulation efficiency and use cases; at the same time, innovative features such as lend-mining and liquidity mining in the DeFi world can be grafted on to further promote the trading activity and value growth of trendy items.