Tokensale: TBA
Important Info

Phantasia is the first of its kind, it's a Fantasy Sports Platform that leverages blockchain technology, bringing the benefits of blockchain to the end users. The application allows users to play their favorite fantasy sports games while betting against their friends.

  • Pool size : 2 666 666 FANT
  • Hard cap : 200 000 USDC
  • Token price : 0,075 USDC


Phantasia is a fantasy sports platform powered by the Solana Blockchain. The goal of Phantasia is to provide end-users with a seamless all-in-one fantasy sports experience across a wide range of sports such as American Football, Soccer, Cricket, Basketball, and many more.

In addition to enabling traditional fantasy sports play, the platform will bring the sports into the hands of its players. Play-to-earn contests power users to utilize the platform by not having to wager their own funds. Phantasia will have a full NFT marketplace where users can buy NFTs in FANT from Phantasia collections and show off their collectibles while playing against their friends. Users will earn vanity items as they compete and win in tournaments to give even further customization of their profile.


Phantasia provides an ecosystem of fantasy sports leagues and enables competing between users. Phantasia platform is a white label product for any user to create their own Fantasy Sports league and host it as a public or private tournament. This use case pertains also to NFT projects which can host private tournaments for their community.

FANT holders will get access to exclusive features within our platform as we introduce the club model. The club model lets users create private contests and invite their friends. The more FANT the club owner has the additional features the club gets: in game chat, analytics, customer support, and much more!