Tokensale: TBA
Important Info

ORIGYN is a non-profit organization with the goal of stamping out counterfeit luxury goods and creating new business opportunities.

ORIGYN has developed new intelligent technologies that allow manufacturers to generate a tamperproof, uncounterfeitable digital twin of a physical object. For the first time in history, the object itself constitutes its own unique identity and serves as proof of authenticity, via its own biometry.

ORIGYN has created a smartphone application that allows users to take a photograph of an object to identify and authenticate it, while also understanding its provenance, history and ownership.

ORIGYN is built on an open and decentralized protocol. The “Internet Computer” enables ORIGYN to scale, perform and design a truly unique and accommodating governance system.

ORIGYN has created a unique economic model which rewards industry players and token holders, who govern the industry-wide protocol together.