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Tokensale: TBA
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Important Info
There will be NO public sale and only institutional investors can participate our private sale. Maybe incentivized testnet in future What is the token distribution plan?
The fixed supply of $OCT is 100 million, will be minted at mainnet launch once for all. The plan is to sell 35% token to institutional investors via two round private fundraising. 5% $OCT belongs to NEAR foundation who is Octopus’ strategic partner and investor. 30% belongs to angel investors and the team. 30% is reserved by Octopus Foundation for promoting the ecosystem. When is the mainnet launch?
Octopus mainnet launch is scheduled in Q3 2021. What is Octopus Network?
Octopus Network is a host for Web3.0 applications in the form of independent blockchains, aka appchains. Octopus Network provides leased security, interoperability, infrastructure and many other useful and affordable services to appchains.