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    The Internet today is vulnerable to the profit-driven surveillance of users by corporations. Yet privacy-enhancing technologies can enable everyone to communicate privately and securely without being spied upon, even by nation-states which can observe the entire Internet. The purpose of Nym is to develop the infrastructure necessary to give the oppressed the freedom to communicate and organise without giving up on privacy. Nym is building a decentralized authentication and payment protocol which will enable developers to build their own sustainable privacy-enhanced services without relying on the surveillance of users. Nym is partnering with the stealth startup Kryptik to release a mixnet which has superior privacy properties to Tor against global passive adversaries. This mixnet is the culmination of years of academic research into surveillance proof networking by the PANORAMIX project. Nym can also enable services such as decentralized secure messaging and private cryptocurrency transactions, without leaking metadata such as who is communicating with who… and when. Let the present order tremble at a cryptographic revolution. The users have nothing to lose but their chains. We have a world to win.