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Important Info

How to earn Sushi as a NAOS-WETH liquidity provider

Step 1: Add Liquidity

  1. Head over to the Yield section on Sushiswap app (
  2. Search for the NAOS-WETH pair and select it.
  3. Click “Add Liquidity” to the NAOS-WETH pair. You will be redirected to the Pool to add liquidity

4. Input the amount of NAOS and WETH to add.

5. Add liquidity

Step 2: Deposit NAOS-WETH LP Tokens

  1. Go to that same Yield section on Sushiswap app (
  2. Search for the NAOS-WETH pair and select it. This part is also the same as when you add liquidity.
  3. Input the amount of LP tokens to deposit. Select max to deposit all of your LP tokens.
  4. Deposit your LP tokens & start earning Sushi rewards!

Please visit us on TG or Discord with questions!

Naos Finance IDO on Polkastarter will occur on April 30.

The whitelist is open until April 25. ● Total public raise: $300,000 ● $NAOS token public sale price: $0.185 ● The maximum each user will be able to contribute is $350

NAOS Finance Raises Seed Funding Round with $250 Million in Assets Originated