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Hi folks, today is a great day to make NFTs! The Finnie Wallet is the newest tool from the Koii Network, where you can create NFTs in under 1 minute, for less than $0.01. (Setup takes about 2 minutes.)

There are a few really cool features with the Finnie Wallet that make NFTs and digital art more accessible to wider audiences (see this blog post about Atomic NFTs to learn more):

  • Minting Atomic NFTs is extremely affordable
  • Finnie uses Arweave to store your content forever
  • Content posted earns KOII tokens for every view
  • Cross-publish your NFTs to traditional sites like facebook, youtube, or instagram (Coming soon)
  • Create custom galleries and sell your NFTs direct to collectors with 0% commission (Coming soon)
  • Multiple blockchain networks in one (Coming soon)

These are just a few of our favorite features, more tutorials will be published soon with all the cool things Finnie can help you do!

We’ll cover 4 things in this tutorial. Feel free to skip ahead if you’ve already completed any of the steps.

  1. Get Finnie (download the extension)
  2. Add a Wallet
  3. Get some free KOII
  4. Create an NFT