Galactic Arena

956 Days and 2 hours ago
Important Info

Project Overview

Galactic Arena is the first project of its kind in the Gamefi space that allows players to connect their gaming NFT's to our ecosystem (or purchase native characters of the game) to play. The game will offer 2 game modes: The Carnival and The Cage. Both modes are built for high user engagement and user retention: - The Carnival is a lottery based game which lets users upgrade their characters and win in-game rewards; whereas - THE CAGE is the first game that allows WAGERS to be placed on Player Vs Player battles happening in REAL-TIME. Players win crypto for the wagers placed.

Pool Details

Access TypeLottery system

Token Distribution 25% at TGE, vest linear weekly in 12 months

Token Price $0.003

TGE Market Cap $208,500
Token Information

Symbols GAN

Total supply 1,000,000,000