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An ecosystem of products for protection and making money for farmers in the BSC network. Protect your assets from being dumped with delta.theta! Buy Put options.
Do you farm and are afraid the asset will drop in value? Buy protection! Choose an asset, choose an expiration date and choose an protection rate (Put price). Choose a price at which you are ready to buy protection or check out offers from other participants.
  • You have 1 ETH.The current price is $2,000. You are afraid of the dump.
  • Protection purchaseToken - ETHQuantity - 1Protection rate (Put price) - $2,000Term - 11 daysCost - $80
  • The price of ETH drops to $1,000. You use your protection and sell 1 ETH at the price of $2,000 with 100% guarantee.
  • Go to light terminal,choose “Buy Put Options”.
  • Choose an asset, quantity, protection rate (Put options price), term of protection and cost.
  • Terminal gives a breakeven level from which course the protection starts to work. Ticker: DLTA Token type: BINANCE CHAIN ICO Token Price: 1 DLTA = 0.09 USD Fundraising Goal: 3,388,888 TOKEN Total Tokens: 100,000,000 Available for Token Sale: 24,5%