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Important Info
Cryption Network aims to make the onboarding process simpler for retail users. We are building a suite of user friendly crypto products for the normal retail investor who wants to invest in crypto but is intimidated by its complexity. We see a lack of an integrated ecosystem that simplifies investing without taking away from all that crypto has to offer.

Details of IDO


For Ignition

To become a part of the IDO, all participants had to get whitelisted. The whitelisting process for Ignition was already completed. The dates for whitelisting were :

  • Whitelist Start: May 29, 2021, 11 AM UTC
  • Whitelist Close: June 01, 2021, 4 AM UTC

The Vesting Period for the IDO will be in a phased manner. One-third of the initial campaign will take place on Redeem on Ignition, and the remaining will be done over a period of two months. The IDO on Ignition will lead to a listing of ERC 20 tokens on Uniswap an hour after the IDO.

  • Ignition IDO Date: June 08, 2021
  • Ignition IDO Time: 11 AM UTC

Also, keep in mind the timeline for Ignition

  • 10 AM UTC: Telegram Chat muted
  • 11 AM UTC: Paid’s Ignition Pool Opens
  • Approx 1 hour from IDO -Uniswap Liquidity Pool opens

To get whitelisted, participants had to follow a series of steps to enter their details on this link here. As the whitelisting process is already complete, new users cannot participate.

All the applications had to adhere to Paid Networks’s Whitelist lottery rules and pass the company’s KYC process. Also, before participating, users had to check if they were eligible for the IDO by checking this list of Cryption specific restricted KYC countries.

For Poolz

Cryption Network chose Poolz because of its prolific background and support from some of the most experienced professionals.

The IDO on Poolz will lead to listing on DFYN on Matic an hour after the IDO

The Cryption IDO Poolz will also happen on June 8th, 2021 and the Whitelisting process has already begun. You can enter using this link and become a part of the community.

  • Poolz IDO Date: June 08, 2021
  • Poolz IDO Time: 11 AM UTC

You also need to take note of the Timeline for Poolz

  • 10 AM UTC: Telegram Chat muted
  • 11 AM UTC: Pool for Poolz opens
  • Approx 1 hour from IDO -DFYN Liquidity Pool opens

There are only 24 hours left before the whitelisting closes, and if you haven’t applied already, do it now!