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Our journey to democratize NFTs began in March with the alpha version of our DeFi | NFT Wallet. We’re now proud to launch an IDO on Polkastarter to bring the community even closer. To be a part of our mission, join our Whitelist for the upcoming IDO on July 26th!

We couldn’t be happier to launch our Initial Decentralised Offering (IDO) on one of the most popular decentralised exchanges, Polkastarter, and give you the chance to be a $BURP token holder.

But first, you need to apply to join our Whitelist and, if eligible, be one of the first people to be a proud $BURP owner.

Whitelist now open: The Details.

The Whitelist application for our token is now open! 🥳

1. Click the link below

2. Complete the 4 tasks required

3. Once the 4 tasks have been completed, you will unlock the Whitelist link for the Polkastarter form, which will show directly below the 4 tasks

4. Fill in the required information on the Whitelist form in order to be on the final list of eligible participants in the IDO

5. We will then announce the winners of the Whitelist application on July 23rd and conduct the KYC procedure until July 25th!

Check the key dates to remember in this process:

Announcement of when the Whitelist is closed: July 22nd, 21:00 UTC

Announcement of Whitelist winners: July 23rd

Start Date of the KYC process for winners: July 23rd

End Date of the KYC process for winners: July 25th

Announcement of the final list of KYC-eligible winners: July 25th