Charged Particles

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Stani Kulechov
1150 Days and 9 hours ago
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Important Info

Our Charged Particles Photon community has been massive supporters from the start, with some members active in our discord for well over a year now.

50% of the $IONX total supply is reserved for community members. Including:

Initially, 30% of the $IONX total supply is reserved for Liquidity Mining / Yield Farming. Adding value to the Charged Particles Ecosystem, broken down as:

  • 5% for staking $IONX: 48,077 $IONX each week, for 24 months
  • 5% for staking $IONX/ETH (Uniswap) Liquidity: 48,077 $IONX each week, for 24 months
  • 20% for NFT Yield Farming: 192,308 $IONX each week, for 24 months, starting mid-June. Rewards will be split on Layer 1 and Layer 2 Liquidity Mining. More details will be announced on this, get your LEPTONs ready.

1% of the total supply is allocated to the public listing during the IDO on Polkastarter.

A 3% Airdrop to early community supporters and adopters. This is more of an “Airdrip”, with 1% being unlocked immediately, and the remaining 2% airdripped to these users over the next 3 months linearly. We’ll announce more details on the Airdrop and how to claim when it’s live!


We have a channel called The Nucleus for those who have minted/purchased a CP NFT, a Lepton, or hold some CHARGE social tokens. That’s where all the discussions and community votes are happening at the moment.
  • We have planned the launch of the Token Generation Event (TGE) in May. Stay tuned to know more about the event.
  • Liquidity Mining will go live in June 2021. More details to follow.